Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daydreamer - Finished.

Last week I told you I bought one of these:

It arrived last Friday and I finally got a
chance to play with it the other night.

I'm. in. love.

After getting it all set up, winding bobbins
and playing with all the new stiching
options it offers that my old machine didn't,
I bravely put my Daydreamer piece
under the needle and pressed the pedal.
I was nervous I was about to ruin
my project but reminded myself that
this project was all about experimenting anyway.

I started with her skirt.
Just lines of simple straight stitches.
You can see I got a little braver and added a zig-zag too.

A little more playing and I added some fun
stitches to the flowers. I kept trying to figure out
what other touches I could add in that area of
the project and this is just what it needed!

 I love the results. As did a fan of mine.
 Miss Daydreamer has been sold
and will live her dreamy life in
California with a kindred spirit.


Jen said...

You SOOO ROCK! I'm so glad you love your new machine AND I think it's so cool that you sold it already! If I'd seen her with all the stitching I might have tried to beat the other reader's price. This is such a cool piece! You should think about selling prints of your originals. Just a thought....

studio 76 said...

Well done...well done indeed! ; )

Big Bird said...

She's gorgeous and inspirational!