Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas Crafts

November is upon us and it is time to start thinking about Christmas crafts and decor! Seasonal changes are so fun and I think Christmas is the most fun of all the holidays to decorate and celebrate.

This year I've done a fun little project with a simple piece of wood (24"x12") I picked up at Michaels, a few glass knobs from Lowe's and our Winter Bird decal you can find published in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine. (pages 58 & 61, if you were wondering)

The project was super simple and lots of fun. First I painted my board a pretty blue. Any light blue will work. Next I sanded it down. The wood will get a little bit rough when you add the paint and you want to make sure you sand it once it's dry so the surface will be smooth and the decal will transfer nicely. I just used a sanding block and went over the entire piece.

Now that you have the painted board sanded wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove all the dust. Let it dry well before applying the decal. The moisture will not allow the decal to bond well with the board. I used my heat gun I used for crafting - dried it up in just a few seconds.

Now the fun begins! Let's add DECALS! I start by cutting each piece out and placing them on the board with the backing paper and the transfer tape still on. We're getting the layout just right. Once you get the pieces where you like them tape them each down with a piece of painter's tape. Just a small piece will do. Now, one by one, remove the backing paper, stick it to the surface, rub firmly with a credit card or rubber spatula and remove the transfer tape. Keep going until you have all the pieces applied.

For the finishing touch of the little glass knobs so we can hang our pretty scarves and hats I divided the width of the board, which was 24", into thirds and placed my knows about an inch and a quarter above the bottom of the board. Drill holes and screw on the knobs and you are ready to hang. I just used a couple of little hooks on the back and screws in the wall. Now we just have to wait for all the ooohs and aaahs from our Christmas guests once they see our lovely new seasonal decor that we made ourself and can use year after year!


amybyrd said...

oooh love it, you know I am going to make this!!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Too cute! I'd love it with our family name or some other text on it.

Vinyl Lettering said...

Really good idea. Thanks for posting it. Christmas is just around the corner

Kathy said...

I love your wall color what is it?

Orla Kiely said...

That'll be really cute for my daughter's bedroom! We love these types of projects!