Thursday, September 30, 2010


I started a new fabric project today,
while I wait for my new sewing machine
to arrive. I can't complete the altered
fall fashion project without it.

I thought it might be fun to post a
of the project as I go. I don't really
have a complete vision in my mind.
I just saw fabric scallops around
a piece of canvas with raw edges.
That's all I need to get started.
Just an inkling of an idea.
This canvas is just fabric, not
a stretched canvas. I'm sure I just
picked it up at JoAnn's or something.
Nothing special.

I started by pulling fabrics from my
stash that seemed fun to play with today.
Pretty colors.
Fabric play means sharp scissors - this is my new collection :)

Next, I cut half round shapes from each pattern of fabric I chose
and randomly placed them around the edge of the canvas.
Notice the canvas piece has torn edges, not cut.
Don't worry about each shape being the same size or "roundness"
and only handle it once. Cut it, place it and forget it.

Now that you have all the shapes cut and laying in place
break out the glue. I love Tacky Glue and always
have a bottle (or 3) on hand. Today I used the quick dry.
Just go piece by piece around the edge until all of your
pieces are glued down. This step is very artistically advanced
and might be best if referred to your preschooler for help ;)

Now that the pieces are all glued we have a naked center
to do something with. I chose yet one more patterned fabric
I hadn't used yet and ripped it down to size. To adhere it
to the ripped canvas I used Mod Podge. Another
adhesive I keep on hand at all times. If they sold
this in gallons I'd be the first in line to buy it!!
Don't be shy with the Mod Podge. I turned my fabric over
and poured it on, then spread it evenly with a paint brush.
After you have generously coated the back side of the fabric
with Mod Podge, flip it over and apply it to the canvas.
Once the fabric is applied to the canvas spread more Mod Podge
all over the front. For this step I did not pour the Mod Podge out
over the fabric. I just kept dipping my brush. You don't need
quite as much on the front as you do on the back. I also
painted the Mod Podge over the tops of the scallops.

All that's left to do for this phase is let it dry.
You can use a heat gun like you see in the photo
and is usually my weapon of choice to speed up the
drying process. Or you can let it naturally dry while you
edit photos, write a blog post and answer a few emails.
Your choice.
I'll take pics of the rest of the process as I figure it out
and post them here for you to see. I am starting to
get a few ideas in my mind's eye. Stay tuned!

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Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

:on pins and needles over here:
looking forward to seeing the final product!