Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to make a drum shade

Like I mentioned in the
I've made a few decorating goals
and am working hard to acheive them.

The goals again:
make it lighter
make it brighter
make it fun

So let's lighten and brighten up
our space with a new lamp shade!

Supplies you'll need:
2 embroidery hoops

Phase 2:
spray adhesive

First things I did was take the inside hoop out of the
embroidery hoop set. You'll need to buy 2 sets - mine were $1.59 per set.

If you are unfmiliar with embroidery hoops,
you get them in the sewing section of your craft store
and they come as a set.
The hoops are nearly the same size
but one fits just inside of the other.
You do not need the part with the screw.

I used 14" hoops for my shade.

Next I grabbed my poster board and cut it down the middle
on the short end. It was a good height for my shade.

I actually folded and tore mine but you can use
scissors if you feel the need to be so civilized.

Next I grabbed the glue and ran a bead all the way down
the long side of one of my posterboard pieces.

I used Aleene's Tacky Glue available pretty much anywhere.
I love this glue and always have it on hand.

Then I started applying the posterboard to the
side of the embroidery hoop securing the end with a
chip clip to hold it in place while I roll the hoop
down the bead of glue. I used another clip at 25% of the way
around then 50% and 75%. I ended up with 4 clips in all.

You can see that my poster board wasn't quite
long enough to go all the way around the hoop.
No worries, just measure the size of the gap,
cut a piece to fit it and use the same technique to
apply the 2nd piece. I overlapped the sides just a bit.

Now we have one end all glued.
This is a good time to take a break
and let the glue dry.


To apply the 2nd hoop I ran a bead of glue
all around the outside egde of the hoop
and just slipped it inside the posterboard.
Again securing with the clips.

And that's the base of our shade.
Tomorrow I'll show you how I covered it.

Oh and at this point all I had to buy was a piece of
poster board and 2 embroidery hoops to the tune of
...drumroll please...

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Jen said...

No way!!! I can't believe you did this- I just did a sketch with an idea super similar a couple of a days ago!! I might like how you did yours better though. ;)