Friday, September 10, 2010

Chalkboard Wall Tutorial

I've been making some changes
around the house these last few weeks.

My goals:
make it lighter
make it brighter
make it fun

Painting a chalkboard wall in the kitchen is
one of the FUN changes I've made.
It is kid tested & approved.

Here's what I did:

First - I researched chalkboard paint.
Um, only sold in quarts - I want to paint an
entire wall and will need about a gallon.
I could buy several quarts but the prices range
from $13 - $25 per quart.

Budget Buster.

What to do now?
As any DIYer knows...

Here's the recipe -
1 Cup Latex Paint (any color)
2 TBSP Unsanded Grout
1/2 Cup Glazing Medium

(Which is 2 cups unsanded grout to 1 gallon
of paint and a half gallon of glazing medium)

Quick tip: I did not add the glazing medium in mine
but if I were to do this again, I most certainly would!
It's a very dry mix without the glaze and the glaze would
make it go on much smoother. So, don't skip it.

You can see in the photo the mixture is thick.
A bit like painting with cement.
I was a tad scared to start but bravely
put my roller to the wall.

LOVING the color! You can use any color you like
as seen HERE in a previous post about this recipe.

I wanted a traditioanl blackboard look but not black
...if that makes any sense. So I opted for a charcoal grey.

Quick tip: I got a charcoal colored unsanded grout to match
my paint. I suspect the color of the grout would change the
color of the paint so I played it safe and it worked great!
Also, the mixture doesn't store well so just mix a little
more than what you'll need. I applied the paint thick so
I only needed one coat with some random touch-ups.

I continued to paint and at first it basically
looked like I just added a new color...

...unless you touch it. You can feel a bit of grit
from the unsanded grout we mixed in the paint.

To smooth out the grit just grab your palm sander,
120 grit sandpaper and lightly hold the sander to
the wall. We just let it "float" along the wall.
We're not looking to sand off any paint
just glide along the surface to knock
down a bit of the grit.

Now the hard work is done.

This is where it gets fun!

Break out the chalk...

And bring on the kids!

BUT before you just let them go crazy
with their art there are a couple more steps.

First you must "prime" the chalkboard.

Grab the chalk, put the long side on the wall
and start rubbing it all over the chalkboard.

My kids loved this step. They had waited all day
for me to get to this point. It takes a bit longer
to get through a project when you are snapping
step-by-step photos ;)

Next - get and old rag, make it damp
and wipe off all that chalk the kids just applied.

 (no hair. no make up. don't judge.) 

Quick tip: I found it worked best when I wiped
in vertical lines. Otherwise you get lots of streaks.
Also, a damp cloth - not wet. You don't need much water.

You can see that not all the chalk is removed.
It leaves a "chalk haze".

Here is what it looks like, painted, primed and
ready for art!

Sneak Peek: you can see the table I painted
and the light I've been working on. This is one of
many shades this light has seen recently.

And FINALLY - we get to draw!

Hope you like the tutorial. If you try this at home
please send me pics!! I'd love to see how
your project turns out. We had a fun day
making our chalkboard wall!

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Jen said...

You guys ROCK!! I can't believe you painted the entire wall and I can't believe you made your own paint. That is SOO cool!! Love the doodling and I think you look all summertime cute in the photo. :)

amybyrd said...

Love it! Can't wait til we are not apartment dwellers and I could do something cool like this--maybe in my classroom?

studio 76 said...

what a big difference changing up that wall color made...and the table color and the light...what is the story of the looks tricky and fun from u have any close up pictures?

haya said...

Thats awessooooooome!

Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

Thanks for the chalkboard recipe. I just made a chalkboard rack and was surprised at how expensive chalkboard paint is.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My kids would LOVE to have one of these in our kitchen! I'll now have to take it under serious consideration, since yours is so adorable. :)

MistyMayGrey said...

this is wonderful! I want one! i may just need to find a place for one.

The DIY Show Off said...

I love chalkboard walls! This is awesome and is going to be so much fun! We love writing notes to each other, etc. and lists of things we need. Our little chalkboard wall has been great for those things!