Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All in a days work...

My blog is a tad negelcted lately.
I don't have as many posts as I used to.
They're coming. I promise.
I just have to get things done so I can show you.

In the meantime, here's a
sneak peek
at what I'm working on.

Matt and Shari
just updated their website - we're included.
See our decals on their set in the photo? Very cool for us :)
They have more photos in their online scrapbook
of the making of the show. Just click the link above to see.

If you read our Facebook Page you'll know that
I am working on a lamp shade from scratch. Well, last night
I took the project a step further and started painting
some canvas fabric (left over from another project)
 with my own design to cover the shade.

The first try went well. I just tried stripes.
Tomorrow I'll paint the real design.
Today is full of work and appts.
Less fun that painting!

Tutorials coming for both painting
 the fabric and building the shade.

This shade will hang on the pendant light already
installed over my kitchen table, of which has been
painted and distressed. A bit of a tutorial coming
on that as well. Just a few simple steps to a
complete transformation.

And last, but not least, I am writing a tutorial
for making and applying your own
chalkboard paint!
There are lots of
recipes out there and they are all
pretty much the same. I have a few
tips and tricks for making the job
easy peasy!

Good-bye sienna wall. I won't miss you.
Billy thought he would, he enjoyed the color,
but the new chalkboard is {loved} by us all.
And we did it together as a family project.
Can't. beat. that.

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