Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lamp Revamp - Part 2

Here's is my lamp jazzed up.
She makes my desk very happy!

First I painted the lamp base an aqua
 color but it was just too bright.
(Design Master's Robin's Egg)

Then I tried Krylon's
Ivy Leaf color in Gloss.

I {heart} it

It's just the right color.

Even after cleaning the cord it still
looked dirty so I sprayed it green too.

Then I jazzed up the shade.
That was the fun part.

I used a big orange flower made by Prima.
Under those flowers I cut flower shapes out of burlap.
Then I embellished the flowers with scraps of ribbon
and a few brads I had in my stash made by Melody Ross.
To adhere all of these pieces I just used
my handy dandy hot glue gun.


Studio 76 said...

The lamp turned out great! I love the green...I recently saw that same shade of spray paint when I was looking for some to redo some of my picture frames with it...I'll have to try that color out sometime...

Single Stone Studios said...

Thanks. I'm really happy with the green. I got the color at Michaels. Their color selection is much better than Lowes.