Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Say it.

Since starting this decal business we call Single Stone Studios, I have been surprised at the amount of word art in the home decor world. Not just decals, but rugs and note books and fabric and art prints and anything else words can be put on.

Words are a powerful medium no matter what style of art you create with them. Whether it is a written word or a spoken word. And I see them as a medium. Words are an art. A form of expression. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? What are you trying to express? Is your message strong? Gentle? Angry? Insecure? Happy? Loving? Excited? Confused? Does it show signs of struggle...that you are trying to cover up?

I tend to find it easier to express myself with color, shape, texture, paint, paper, ink ...words have never been easy for me to use as a form of expression. Since blogging I feel I've been learning to use them better but I still struggle to find just the right ones that say just the right thing that will be received in just the right way. Though, I don't really have much choice in the way they are received. That is up to the receiver. Even if my words are delivered just the way I think they should be doesn't mean they will be received as I want them to be.

And what about our words as a collection? Not just one conversation or writing but the collection of them over a period of time. Lately I've been thinking about the way this year is playing out for me. I don't think one thing has gone the way I planned it. I've never been so far out of my comfort zone. And I wonder what my words have been as I've struggled through this time. Have they been strong? Positive? Scared? Weak? Have they changed from expressing one feeling to another? Or so many emotions I come across a tad or a lot crazy? Do they show growth?

I don't really know yet. I feel like I am coming to the other side of something but I am not far enough away to see the whole picture. I'm still too close to it. But as I put this time behind me I really hope I my words have been loving. Productive. Protective. Honest.

On our trip last week there was a large tunnel to travel through to get to the beach. This tunnel is 3 miles long and underwater. The thought of it feels a little scary, claustrophobic, dark and 3 miles of those feelings seems rather long. However, going through was really not so bad. It's well lit, not as tight as you might imagine and 3 miles went by pretty quickly. So many times we feel like our lives go through tunnels - and I agree with that - I think we go through tunnels - over bridges - climb mountains. But tunnels aways get a bad wrap. They are restricting and limit our choices but they also keep us on our path. Once committed to traveling through we cannot veer off in one direction or the other - just straight ahead. And I think, sometimes, that's exactly what we need when we don't know the way ourselves. A tunnel - a direct path, no exits, no choices to make - just a road to travel - and a light at the end to look forward to but not till the time is right...

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