Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the speed of life...

Somehow my life seems to be going at
the speed of this train.
I don't know how it happend.
It just did.

Everything is a blur right now.
The end of the days come and new
ones begin before I even know it.
What really freaks me out is that
we just started the month of JUNE!
Half of the year is g-o-n-e.

All of my attention in the last 3 months has been
focused on health, of the physical kind.
All of it unexpected and urgent.

Looking through my list of goals
at this half way mark
it appears that I have not really
made progress on the things
I set out to do this year.
However, I feel accomplished.
Just because my year, thus far, has been full
of the unexpected doesn't mean I am behind
on my goals. It just means that maybe what I had
written down wasn't what I needed to focus on
in the timing I had planned.

I have given lots of my focus to
my family and am fulfilled by it.
I have let myself get
stressed and overwhelmed
with the work I have gotten behind on.
It weighs on me, of course, but
I know in my heart I have made
the right choices. Not perfectly
executed but right choices.

By making the right choices, I believe,
this works in favor of my written list,
eventhough my written list and my
 "right choices" are not related.
Romans 8:28 comes to mind.

It seems like something has
been trying to steal my focus
with unexpecteds and by
dialing up the speed of life,
but I have not gotten sidetracked.
As the second half of the year begins
I am keeping my written list in mind.
It still excites me to complete it.


Jen said...

Couldn't agree with you more. You've had a really really challenging life this last 6 months but you've handled it all with love and dedication, making tough choices. Somehow it all seems preparatory- maybe for the second half of the year.

Jen said...

PS love your new signature. So cute!