Saturday, June 12, 2010

blog slacker

i don't seem to have much to blog lately. kind of going through a slump. everything's random. here are a few of my current random thoughts.

1. loves that cole has spent that last 30 mins playing with silly bandz that just came in the mail. he really wanted them.
2. i'm hoping the hummus i bought at the grocery is as good as the hummus i recently had at a party. the last brand i tried was a bit bitter. it's best fresh.
3. the dishes aren't going to wash themselves.
4. wonders if the paint on my latest project is dry. i want to continue on to the next layer.
5. ready to buy an old house and gut it.
6. could take a walk and keep walking...just like forest gump.
7. i still feel happy everytime i eat since having my gallbladder out. no pain.
8. love that its a hotter-than-normal summer.
9. need to get a vacation on the calendar.
10. has never really felt the need to have a pool but laying out last weekend by the hotel pool outdoors may have changed my mind. the most relaxed i've been in a long time.
11. love the feel of the sun baking my skin to a crisp.
12. have been enjoying my family immensely.
13. can't believe i have a 14 yr old, high school freshman. i'm so not old enough for this to be happening.
14. i think we'll grill out dinner and relax on the deck with a fire and some roasted marshmallows. ok i bought chocolate too.
15. found my journal. finally.
16. ready to make some new art.


Kelli-Rie said...

We all get that "bloggers slump" once in a while. Hummus is so much better fresh--can't find any that taste nearly as good myself. Hope you're having a great weekned.

Jen said...

Yeah- I'm feeling it too. Maybe it's a virus you get if you spend too much time online.....:)

I'm pretty sure the only cure for it is to get out and do something fun that is definitely NOT work related. The pool sounded perfect. You should do that again. :)