Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meg Ryan's home in Martha's Vineyard

Any Meg Ryan fans in the house?!
How can you not like her?
I can watch You've Got Mail anytime!
Sleepless in Seattle too.
But this is not about great acting or
movies she did with Tom Hanks
or movies at all. It's about
great style and
great decorating!

I found these photos online today,
apparently published via Elle Decor
although they just randomly showed up
on Yahoo. So, I clicked and found
these gorgeous pics of an all white home.

Layers of white seems to be quite the trend in
decorating lately. I find it interesting but usually a
little on the froo-froo/shabby chic side.
I don't really care for that. Too romantic/girly for me.

This however is tailored. The house has big windows,
chunky beams and a rich dark floor to ground all the white.
Not to mention a couple of industrial touches like
the tables in the sitting area and the big metal
flowers sign in the dining room.

There is nothing about this space I don't like!

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