Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fab Interiors

So I was browsing Flickr (again)
looking for inspiration and today
All of the following photos are by a designer
who goes by The10CentDesigner on Flickr.
These are just a few inspiring photos of her work.
I love them all!
In love with the bench and surprisingly - the white walls.
I'm so loving the white walls in so many of her interiors.
The chandelier is brilliant. Love the mix.
Proof that trim does not always have to be white or cream!
Love the big B. The bold red jumps off the white wall.
I am a lover of contrast!
This is sophisticated without being stuffy.
Someone really cool lives here.
A white pallete. Beautifully done.
Warm. Clean. Fresh.
I {heart} chunky islands.
Love the texture of the red chair and
the tufting on the cube ottoman.
I love how open, bright, and modern this space is.
I could live here. Forever.

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