Tuesday, May 4, 2010

conquering the challenge

So, I looked up this song today because I love it.
It's titled More Like Falling In Love
by Jason Gray.
Little did I know, this artist has a
 speech impediment,
as seen in the second video. 

I think this is just amazing,
not to mention brave,
that he chooses to sing
for a living. But then again,
does he choose to sing or
does the song choose him?

It's hard to put it all out there for your art.
It's hard to put yourself out there to be judged.
And when we have something so obvious about
us that is different, well, it's just all that much harder.

We all have things we don't want to put on display 
for people to see. Some of them legit.
Many of them we're just insecure about
for the sake of being insecure and we simply
need to get over ourselves.

No matter what our challenges, we
owe it to ourselves to take those
challenges and turn them into
stepping stones. Or better yet -
a launching pad.
Take it and turn it around.
Make it our victory.
After all, I believe, that's why they
are there in the first place.
It's their purpose.
And part of our development
so we can achieve
our purpose.
Our choice in conquering
the challenge or ignoring it
is the difference of us
living in excellence or
living a default life.

Our challenges may not go
away completely,
like Jason's stuttering, but
it doesn't rule him.
It doesn't determine his life,
he does. And he chooses
to express his faith and triumph
in life through music.
Awesome music.
And never stutters a word
he sings. 

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Jen said...

I just found out from Jeremy that the violinist for Casting Crowns has cystic fibrosis and it hurts her to use her hands. But she does- each and every concert she plays so amazingly. Crazy, huh? All for the glory of God!

Thanks for sharing these videos!