Tuesday, April 6, 2010

personal style

When you decorate what colors and style
do you naturally gravitate towards?

Colors for me - earthy - hands down.
Style - clean lines all the way. Modern.
Of course, I like to throw in a
mix-matched collection for good measure.

So why am I so drawn to colorful,
pattern-filled spaces like the ones below?
I love them!

Personally, I keep my home very simple
so I can turn off my mind and take a
break from the creative juices.
If I lived in a place like the photos
below the colors and patterns would
keep my mind reeling with ideas.
Which I think is my draw to them.

I do find that in my art I will pull
out colors like these. A little brighter,
mix and match patterns and I tend not to
have clean lines in my art. I like it messy.
I tear my papers rather than cutting them,
I don't need my alphabet stamps to line
up perfectly on a line to create a word
but in my home - it's clean lines,
simple patterns and an almost monochromatic
color palette.

I do enjoy seeing spaces like these
below. They are happy and energetic
and have lots of personality.
They make you wonder who lives in them.
I think I would like to know
such an eclectic, happy soul.

I want this owner of this home to have me over
 for iced tea just so I can sit at this table.

Pink walls and not in a little girls room.
Love it!

Ok, so I may have mentioned my affinity for all things
teal, turquoise or light blue mixed with red.
As Martha would say "It's a good thing."

Totally. cute. lamp.

I bet the person who entertains in this yard
makes the BEST cupcakes ever!
Love all the polka dots.

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Wendy said...

I love it! I love teal with red too. There's something so vintage, yet also a little modern, about that color combo. Very inpsiring pics!