Monday, April 12, 2010

More Mid-Century Modern

So that ikea dresser makeover
made me look for some more
mid-century modern inspiration.

I love the colors and clean lines of
these pieces. I'm not a mid-century
purist by any means. I'm not really a
decoarintg purist with any style.
I'm a little loosey goosey with the rules.

 When I use a period piece like an
Eames chair, just as an example,
I like to make that piece a bit of an odd ball
in the room so it gets noticed but still coordinates.

Here are a few pieces that would stand
out in a room and be fabulous.

Fun desk space! It's for writing letters not email.
At least this is the story I make up in my mind.

 The shape and color of these candlsticks is
absolute perfection.

I love open stairs like this. In my dream home
they are metal, possibly painted and
have a rather industrial feel.

Love this front door.
My dogs would love the bottom window
so they can spy on our guests
as they approach the house.

Love these chairs. Love. Love. Love.

Let's get a closer look.

Just so you can imagine them in your home.

This is my favorite style of architecture
unless it's an old building of some sort
converted into a home.

Love all the clean lines.

And one more photo for good measure.
I would add a nice bright pop of color
with a seat cushion. Orange, perhaps?!

 **I love the contrast of the white chairs on the dark floor**

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