Saturday, April 17, 2010

Glass Life

One of my very favorite artists is Dale Chihuly. I've been a fan for years and think his work is absolutely exquisite. Inspiring in a way I've never felt by seeing someone else's art. When I found out a few years ago the Children's Museum in Indianpolis had a sculpture of his I had to go see it. I'll never forget the moment I walked in the door and saw the 4 story tall, red, blue and yellow glass sculpture. I literally choked back tears. It was such an inspiration to me to go big with my art, with my life. A fragile, 43 foot tall glass sculpture seemed to echo the fragility of life yet at the same time standing strong and exhibiting it's glory.

Today while on etsy I found this video of a creative outreach organizination teaching kids with serious life challenges how to blow glass. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to blow some glass myself. But even if I don't it's an art form that has been one of my greatest inspirations. To me, no one seems to do it quite like Chihuly.

This is just the kind of inspiration I need right now. I'm not feeling particularly artful. I can't explain what I am feeling after the events the this week. I think I've yet to breathe. But as I sit here with lots of new knowledge on things I never thought I'd need, a supply closet of insulin and syringes for injections I never thought I could give, seeing this video is like God reminding me to go big. Glass can stand 43 feet tall. Impossible things do happen. I believe in healing for my daughter.

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Jen said...

Great post Shelley! Life changes constantly. If we don't move with it, if we let ourselves become brittle in our expectations of life than I believe, like the glass, that we will break. Not that we can't recover with a little Super Glue from on High though. :) Always good for me to remember.