Thursday, April 22, 2010

Decorating on the Fly

So, Tuesady afternoon I'm roaming through store after store without a clue as to what I should get Mackenzie for her birthday which was Wednesday. After an hour or so of store hopping and wandering I finally got the idea to freshen up her room. And by freshen I mean decorate for the first time since being in this house (almost 2 yrs here). We had painted the walls aqua with 1 dark chocolate accent wall about a year ago. We had bedding to match but the whole color scheme was really drab. For a while I had been wondering how I could add lots of color since Mackenzie is a fan of bright bold color. I don't know who she gets that from ;)

I happened to be in Target when the whole decorating idea struck so I wet to the bedding first and found the perfect comforter and shams right away! Ok, I knew it was the perfect colors for Mackenzie but I wasn't sure I could make it work with the aqua and brown paint. There was no time to repaint and the paint was only a yr old - not a job I wanted to redo. After finding the bedding I found a quilt the same color as her walls so I picked it up to toss over the end of the bed to bring the softer color in with the brights.

Other than paint the walls had absolutely nothing on them! Obviously that had to change. So I picked up a poster, a small cork board, small printed canvas art piece and some shelves. The rest of what you see in the photos are all things we already had. Oh, I did pick up a small white side table for her bed at TJ Maxx. A couple of photo frames came from there as well.

I'm still working on a few ideas for making a headboard for her. We turned her bed around so it works as a day bed to open up some floor space. The room is 10x11.
Here are a few after photos - I never even thought to take before photos. Just think blank walls, chocolate bedding and white and aqua tab tops - I must use the word drab again.

So here is my quick thinking, on the fly decorating project.

She may have sat on the bed before I took the pic.
I didn't realize it was all frumpied up till just now.
At least it's made ;)

This wall used to have her desk on it.
We put the armoire there instead and it
totally changed the feel of the room.

To the left is a full length mirror,
hamper and hooks on the wall for
her necklaces, and on the small
square shelf she keeps her cell, chapstick etc.
A small area to get dressed in.

I love the unexpected placement of the

This is the desk area.
The wall the armoire was on before.
So much less crowded now!

And you can see my Mackenzie :)

The bed corner. Love the orange lamp.
A great find at TJ Maxx!

Those 3 little vases gave me some problems.
I wanted to use them but by themselves
they just didn't work.

Well, of course I had my stash of
Jen Swift's wire out and my mom found these
3 little wall flowers and promptly
placed them above the vases.
Now we have blooms!

Happy 14th to my girl!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun room for your daughter!
Love the bright colors and fun use of your decals.

Happy Belated Bday Mackenzie!

Jen said...

SOOOO CUTE! I'm glad you could use stuff from the stash. :)