Friday, April 23, 2010

Decorating on the Fly 2 (close ups)

I thought I'd share a few close ups of the
art I put in Macknezie's room.
These are the things that not only
make the room complete,
but make it personal.

There are a couple of really
special pieces in here.
Pieces that were made with love
and are just now telling us why
they captured our hearts
while being created.

Maybe I should back up just a little.
I put some of my art in this room.
There is also art from a very
strong-in-faith artist, Jen Swift.
She is not only an artist but my friend.
Knowing the kind of faith she has
and incorporating her work in Mackenzie's
room, especially at a time such a this,
well, it's very special. And encouraging.

Mackenzie actually told me her favorite piece
was Jen's Audacious Angel. Very fitting.
And didn't surprise me.
 I knew when I put that
angel on the shelf, she was home.

The text on the angel reads:
Dream of Audaciously Impossible Things!
Mackenzie and all of us as a family
fully believe in her complete healing.
There is no cure, at this time, for type 1 diabetes.
There is good management, but no cure.
But with God there is always a cure.
No matter what the sickness,
mind, body or spirit,
there is a cure.

Mackenzie's newly decorated room is
all about faith, hope and believing
in her audaciously impossible dreams!
I am just the kind of mom to believe with her.
And Billy is that kind of dad.
I know it sounds bold, and you may think us to be
delusional, but we look forward to telling you
all one day soon that she is not taking insulin
by injection but that her body is healed
and making insulin just as it intended to do.
Our family is honored to be an example of
God's word even when it means we have to
go through the darkness to get to the light.
As Winston Churchill said:
When you're going through hell, keep going!
We've never stopped before and have
no intention
of stopping now!

Here are the close-ups of the rooom...

This is above her bed. You can see Jen's
Audaucious Angel on the right.

In the center is a piece I made with my
Pieced Together People poem. 

Also above the bed is a canvas I made
with some of Jen's fab wire art.
It's been hanging in my studio for months. 

My #1 Theory in life -
Have Passion

The text by the flower reads:
Destination certain
map hidden
revealed with
each new morning
and drawn with each
new dream

Next is her dressing area.
I used Jen's Wall Flowers above the
3 little vases and her wire word art
above the 3 hooks I put in the wall
for Mackenzie's necklaces.
The frames were found a while back
in Michaels' dollar spot. I just took off
the backs and hung them with Command Strips.

This is the nightstand and photo frames on the wall above it.
Don't laugh - we haven't added the photos yet.
Gotta get some printed ;)

And this is the desk area:
The green canvas was found at Target
earlier this week. They have quite a few of them
but I liked this one. Just the right colors and text.

And the poster above the desk.

I hope you like the tour of her room.
It's the most complete room in the house.
Next up - Cole's room.
Don't hold me to a deadline
but I'm hoping to complete his
in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a lucky girl!

Jen said...

Your pics of the room made me cry again. I feel so humbled that you and Mackenzie chose my work. That you like my work! You're an amazing friend to have and from the little you've shared of Mackenzie and how she's dealing with this curve in the road- I can tell she's very special. Thank you.

Ps love the idea of the vases with the little wall flowers above. Completely inspired!