Monday, April 26, 2010

Calming the Crazy

Ever have those times when life just seems to
go crazy?
We're having one of those times.

In short, I've had my gallbladder removed,
Mackenzie diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes,
Cole has a bully at school, Billy stretched/tore
the meniscus in his knee,
Billy had a car accident (no injuries)
 and yesteday he spent the
day reparing the door at our rental property
after someone broke in Saturday night.
Thank goodness no one was home
and nothing of real value was taken,
well, except for their security!
All of this in the span of about
6 weeks.
If you take my gallbladder out of the
running then all of this in the last
2 weeks.

It's been a tad crazy
to say the least!

So, I've been doing my run down of
all the things I do to keep myself
feeling positive. A little cleaning and
organizing are happening. Not sure why I do
that. I think it's just a way to control my
own environment. Listening to great
music like the videos I posted a
couple of days ago.
Lots of Bible reading and studying.
There's lots of positive things in there!!
Imagine that! :)

Today I'm rushing out a few custom
jobs. I am still not up to speed with work.
Mackenzie is home today after a long night
of drinking juice to keep her blood sugar up
high enough. Yeah. I said things were a bit
crazy around here.

Really, this is all just a challange.
I'm not worried.
Don't get me wrong,
it's not like we haven't had tears
and emotion over Mackenzie's
diagnosis or frustration
over the other things that have happend
but they are just temporary things.

Times like this are when we need to
remember what our main goal is in life.
Where are we going? Where are we in
the journey to reaching the next
level of achievement?

I think, just when we're reaching the threshold
of getting to that next level of merging our dreams
with our reality, we're challenged. Like, a last
push to make sure we really want it
and can handle it, once we do
cross the threshold. As a parent would make
sure they aren't giving their children too much
to handle with more freedoms in life.
With more freedom comes more responsibility,
just like living more of your dreams brings
more responsibility. I think the more success
we have in living our imagined life the
more caring, compassionate,
 humble, helpful and loving
we need to be.

That is real success in life.

So we are challenged to create in ourselves
these kinds of characteristics before we
get the honor of living our dreams.
I hope I am allowing enough of myself
to be changed to cross over the
threshold before me.

As much as I am not inviting
more challenging situations to come
I would never trade being challenged.
Challenges make us better. Stronger.
Smarter. And ultimately
lead us to our

Here's to crossing the threshold!

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Jen said...

It's hard think it isn't a design when you see it all there in black and white. Thankfully I know God's got your back through all this( for lack of a better way of putting it) and so do I!! Love you all and praying with you through this experience. And as I know you're fond of thinking- I can't WAIT to see what God's got waiting for you on the other side of this hill. :) Something Amazing!