Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Before and After Story

We all love a good before and after story so today I thought I'd share some great things that Matt and Shari are doing after Room by Room.

Here are a few things from their website that I've found particularly interesting. It's not ALL about decorating. Their website is about lifestyle.

One thing I learned is that Shari and her family recently became vegetarians. Her husband went all the way vegan. She has a lots of tips and encouragement if you are thinking vegetarian may be a fit for you. Here's a recipe I'm hoping to try. I may not be vegetarian all the way but I do love a lot of vegetarian dishes.

This Refriend Bean Nachos recipe looks so YUMMY! I love anyting mexican and now that I don't eat red meat I do tend to tire of chicken and turkey all the time. When I found this recipe I was so excited to try it. I think I'll add a few jalapenos, 'cause really can you have mexican food without them? I think not ;) Oh, and not all of the recipes are vegetarian! I make a few yummy things...wonder if they'll let me contribute?!

Besides going vegetarian, Shari has also moved into a new home and you guessed it - it's all on tape with fab ideas for decorating your WHOLE home. A bit of a departure from the Room by Room method and quite interesting to see the entire process from planning to execution of a whole house design. Here is a LIST of all their newest videos. You can easily find the Whole House Design videos. And, as if you didn't already know, her new home is absolutely beautiful!

There are also crafts, some of course are very kid-friendly, seasonal decor, sewing projects like the new baseball quilt and so much more.

Well that's a lot about Shari, but what is Matt doing now? Well, when I met him he was teaching us all about Extreme Home Energy Savings. Great products and ideas for keeping your home energy efficient and eco friendly. We all need to do our part and Matt has gathered and is sharing a little lot of knowledge on the subject.

He's also still doing those awesome shop projects he's so well known for. Remember the kitchen island post I wrote recently? Well, if you're as talented as Matt with power tools here are instructions to build your own!

I couldn't fit all of Matt and Shari's great lifestyle ideas into one post so I hope you'll check out their new website and keep up on what they are doing now. It's really quite exciting to see them back in action!

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