Friday, March 5, 2010

Wrapping up a long week...

Well we went with the lighter grey and rolled it on the wall last night. I should say Billy rolled it on the walls. I was paint-free. Me being paint-free is not common but last night it was true. No painting for me. By the way, LOVING the color! Now onto cabinets and countertops. I have ideas from my research just need to finalize a couple of points. Getting excited to have a functioning laundry room again!

Gallbladder - Thank you to those who replied to my ramblings. I really was working through my thoughts and feelings on all that and somehow it ended up on the blog instead of in a journal. I have decided to talk to a surgeon as I cannot even eat a healthy well-balanced diet right now and while the dry cereal and apple diet might be great for weight loss it's not exactly offering all the nutrition one's body needs ;) (I have had some veggie burgers and fat free bean burritos too)

Kind of a crazy week around here. Getting some things wrapped up today so I can enjoy the weekend. Alice in Wonderland comes out today!! I'm hoping to take the kids to see it. Anyone else have that on their weekend list? It looks SO cool. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton - what a creative, artful combo. I'm really excited to see this movie.

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