Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picking Paint

My laundry room is still a total work in progress. Between work and the ol' gallbladder going wacky I haven't had much time to give to the laundry room project. Mind you, it's been torn apart since just before I left for the expo which wa Feb 3. A month ago. I have my laundry detergent in my dining room along with a hamper and everything that was being stored on the shelves. The washer and dryer are the only thing in the laundry room and are pulled out from the wall so we can paint.

If we could choose a color.

When we got the washer and dryer we had to get what was in stock becuse we didn't have time to wait to order. I could've gotten white but I really don't like white appliances. I wanted stainless but between the wait time and the price increase we decided on this metellic blue color. I like the color. Billy seems to really like the color. I'm struggling a bit with the wall color. I originally was thinking a chocolate brown (prior to getting the new washer and dryer) - it goes with the rest of the house but it's a small room with no window and I thought that might be too dark - plus I'm over the whole brown and blue thing. Then I was thinking a nice grey blue but nothing I try seems to work. Then I thought just grey. I'm actually liking it. You can't tell from the photo that the 3 grey swatches on the wall are different but they really are. From left to right they get lighter.

I'm not sure I'm 100% on the grey but really don't know what other color I would want in there. I'm really in the mood to lighten up the house! Spring Fever maybe? The grey would be light, neutral and I could add color with accessories to brighten it up.

Hmmmm....any opinions?


M said...

UGH! I'm with you here. I'm repainting the guest room and was thinking grey...the problem was all the samples I tried just reminded me of concrete.

I ended up finding a color (brown!) that I love, but choosing a paint color is agonizing for some of us.

Traci Stewart said...

What about a green? Green like the grass to match your blue like the perfect sky appliances. :)

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought yellow. With the blue appliances and a funky grey decal.

Studio 76 said...

I would go with the light gray color you have shown and then do some big floor to ceiling could always go Infrastructure on that wall...or that also seems like a really great place to put the innovation ave. Art is Life piece...that would fill that in nicely liven it up with two more colors and make the room feel fun! ; )