Thursday, March 25, 2010

Island Inspiration

Kitchen Islands

Let's face it, even those of
us who are not fond of being
in the kitchen

A kitchen island to me
is like bonus space. A little
extra area to help with
 all that prep work,
hopefully put a couple of chairs around
for eating and even setting out
finger foods for parties.

I think they're even better when
they have a small sink for quick clean up!

1 comment:

Studio 76 said...

I've been thinking lately about using decals as my back splash...its not a very wide area between the countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinets...but it seems like it would be fun to get some sort of a pattern in there...I had thrown around the idea of doing random numbers in various sizes/fonts...but that might be over would be cool if we would decide some long section of bricks or tiles or something that you could get in various colors...I'll have to think about this and see if anything inspires me...I just saw that PB kids has a couple decals that they turned into looking like a wallpaper could kind of be something similiar to this idea...