Monday, March 1, 2010

Laundry Room Design

So, just before I left for the expo, like 3 days before, my washer goes out. We rush out that weekend, find a new set and have them delivered. We decided to go with front loaders and when we have them delivered we asked for them to be stacked. Since we had them stacked we had to take down the shelves (ugly white wire shelves - not so sad to see them go) that went end to end along the wall the washer and dryer go on. We move everything out of the laundry room and into the dining room, patched the holes, sand the patching, patch again, sand again and now we're finally to the painting. IF I could decide on a color ;)

We have also decided to UNstack the washer and dryer and place a countertop top over them and use it as a folding table. That leaves us with a tall narrow space to put a cabinet for storage. My laundry room is quite small - 88" is the length of the wall the washer and dryer are placed on. The cabinet can only be something like 30" wide. I've been looking at pantry style cabinets and also closet organizers at IKEA. Still making up my mind but today I did spend a few minutes checking out some laundry room inspiration.

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Jen said...

All are lovely and yet seem so unattainable when I think of our laundry as it currently is. Oh well, we all need dreams right?