Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Hello again - I didn't quite get around to making the blog interesting yesterday and unfortunately I still lack inspiration for today. I thought I was better yesterday than I really was. I'm starting to feel a tad impatient with this recuperating process!

Today's mission is to find my appetite. I think the surgeon removed it along with my gallbladder. Maybe there was a 2 for 1 special that day I was unaware of. About mid-day yesterday I took a percocet and tried to take a nap. Within 20 mins I was feeling really bad so I walked into where Billy was working and things started getting blurry and I could hardly speak, sweat was pouring. I sat in his chair and tried to explain what was happening but it wasn't coming out and he was grabbing the phone to call the Dr while I blacked out. I came to within seconds but not before freaking us all out. The nurse said I need to make sure I eat more food. I guess a bowl of steamed veggies isn't enough food by 2:00 in the afternoon on a regular basis. So today's goal is to eat more. My mom is coming to make sure I am taking it easy. Yes, I got in trouble by my mom...and my husband...his mom. I've been put in my recliner for time-out. I'm allowed to eat and sleep...and be bored.

That's my update. Hoping to find some creative inspiration soon till then Happy Saint Patricks Day! I did find this lovely picture of shamrocks. I love it. It's green and vintage-y and just right to celebrate today.

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Jen said...

Just finished my blog post for the day and the first image I loved was this shamrock photo! :) Guess we've got similar tastes...