Monday, March 8, 2010

{Freshen Your Nest}

It's been in the 50's here in Cincy the last few days giving me a

Spring to me means gardening
and garage sales and freshening
up the house! A little cleaning out
and switching around a few accessories
to bring a fresh feeling.

With that in mind I went "junking" on Etsy
since there aren't any garage sales happening just yet.

Here are my finds.

Then I was emailing my girl Stephanie and
she sent these photos that had me drooling!
They were titled junk market -
Um, I'll shop a JUNK market like this


Studio 76 said...

Word to your Mutha'...

I have had spring fever as well...I went over to the other house and sat out on the deck and thought about the dreams that are to come...the prayers that are so close to being answered and the hope that a fresh and new journey is just around the corner...

Jen said...

Biggest Junk Market is the original Junk Bonanza in mid Sept in MN. Ki Nassauer who is the new chick behind Flea Market Style with Matthew Mead is a local here. AND this years' junk bonanza is happening DURING the Creative Connection Event that is all about women artists and entrepreneurs. Just to whet your whistle- you've got a place to stay.... ;)