Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know

Play along with me and leave 10 things in the comment section. Here are 10 things about me that you may not know.

1. I read a lot but almost exclusively online - rarely from a book.
2. In the winter I make chili about once a week and always argue with Billy when he adds pasta to it when I'm not looking.
3. I'm a coke-aholic and have made it a goal this year to be soda-free by the end of the yr. It's going ok.
4. I wear lots of rings. At least 3 and I like them chunky.
5. When I was growing up I spent most of my summers on a pair of roller skates.
6. I only paint my fingers nails with clear polish but rock dark red toes all summer long.
7. I hate to run. I probably wouldn't even run out of a burning building.
8. I look like my mom and act like my dad.
9. I grew up in a small pig farming town but I grew up "in town".
10. I whistle everyday.

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