Sunday, February 21, 2010

Customer Photos

So, this is a little crazy. Today I was sent photos from the interior designer that used our Birch Trees in Winter in the Lake County YMCA Dream Home project. This is the project that got us noticed in Cleveland and resulted in us doing The Great Big Home and Garden Expo thus designing the stage for Ty Pennington. Interesting that I should receive them now. I guess I did see the designer at the show - she looked us up. I hadn't spoken to her in MONTHS, like 8 months, and she just shows up at my booth to meet me :)

It was fun to meet her. You never know what to expect when your communication with someone is email and phone calls and then you are face to face. She was really sweet and laid back. Super easy to talk to. She, is Ame West of West Interiors. Her space to design in the dream home was the laundry room. She may have done more but I am not aware of any other projects - we just participated in the laundry room project.

So here are the pics of her fantastic work. I'm really happy to be a part of this project and really love the way Ame used our art!

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Studio 76 said...

That turned out really cool...the white is so striking against such a dark!