Friday, February 19, 2010

Color Your Career

I took a test today. One that tells you what your career should be based on the colors you like and dislike. You can find it here. I found it to be interesting and somewhat accurate. Here are my results:


Best Occupational Category

You're a RESEARCHER (hmmm kind of more of the try it and see how it goes type)

Keywords (these I found to be dead-on)
Independent, Self-Motivated, Reserved, Introspective, Analytical, and Curious

Investigative types gather information, analyze and interpret data, and inquire to uncover new facts. They have a strong scientific orientation, enjoy academic or research environments and prefer self-reliant jobs. (scientific, academic - not so much. self-reliant - all the way) Dislikes are group projects, selling, and repetitive activities. (this last line - sooo true)


Suggested careers are College Professor, Physician, Psychologist, Pharmacist, Chemist, Marketing Research, Inventor, Sales Forecasting, Project Engineer, Dentist, Identifying Consumer Demand, Chiropractor, Dentist, Medical Technician, Optometrist, Research & Development Manager, Respiratory Therapist, Real Estate Appraiser, Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Geologist, Physicist, Science Teacher, Medical Technologist, and Author of Technical Books. (yeah, not one on the list I would pursue - at least long term - R&D is kinda cool - you know, try it and see what happens)

Task-oriented careers where you can become absorbed in the job, be original and creative, and not conform to rigid company rules will work best for you. Unstructured organizations, for example, that allow you to sail your own ship are vital. (totally my kind of environment - absorbed in the job, unstructured...this indulges my introspective characteristics)

Suggested Researcher workplaces are universities and colleges, home office positions, medical facilities, computer-related industries, scientific foundations and think tanks, research firms, and design laboratories (I guess the home office part fits since I do work from home - the rest don't really appeal to me much)

Let me know if you try it and how accurate it is for you.

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Jen said...

ha- I'm afraid to take it. I might find out I don't fit anywhere. Alas. Maybe I'll screw up my courage and give it a try this weekend. :)

I did think yours was dead on in the qualities, just not in the suggested implementations. I can't imagine you in a lab coat. Of course you'd make it look good, but...they're just so white. Yours would need baroque patterns at the very least.