Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching Up

Hello Everyone - It's been a while since I've blogged. It's been very busy around here. The expo has wrapped up and I got home on Tuesday afternoon. Seriously l-o-n-g trip! 13 days - not ideal. At least not for me. And not on a regular basis. But I do believe the trip was worth it.

As promised here are a few photos of me and Stephanie with Ty Pennington. The first one is of us with him at a cocktail party on Friday night. Then us with him on the stage I designed (how cool is that?!) on Saturday morning after his first stage appearance.  I felt so lucky to get a photo with him and my work! He was super nice. Said amazingly nice things about my design and took a few minutes out of his very busy schedule to talk to us. Very gracious of him.

I also thought I'd show a couple of images of the stage itself. The first is of my mock-up. This is the file I submitted to Ty's decorator for approval. In the second photo you can see the actual application. I always love to compare the two. No matter how many jobs I do like this I love to see the transformation of the concept to the actual. I am really happy with the way this job turned out. We had some challenges with the application but we stuck it out and the job turned out fabulous!

I used mostly black and white - white in our matte finish and black in our gloss finish. The play of the color and finishes was so cool!!

All in all - it was a GREAT show! I'm so happy I took the chance. Put myself out there. And invited a great friend to join me. I won't forget this 13 days spent in Cleveland.


Studio 76 said...

It will be a time that we will always look back on and be glad that we took the plunge! ; )

Anonymous said...

Ty Pennington needs to use your decals on his show. You do great work!

Single Stone Studios said...

I would always welcome that opportunity :) Thanks so much for the compiments.

Jen said...

Truly fabulous design! I'm glad you did it!!!! Not that it matters but it's been so fun to watch you leap!