Monday, December 7, 2009

Mood Board Monday

  1. Bedding - $459

  2. Spheres Vinyl Wall Decals - - $175

  3. Dresser - - $330

  4. Rocking Chair - - $168

  5. Sheepskin Rug - - $25-$40

  6. Hanging Light - - $40

  7. Pillow - - $24 (on sale)

  8. O'Ball Rattle - - $8

What is Mood Board Monday (MBM)? Well, I'm trying something new :) With MBM I hope to bring you inspiration with full room designs. They are not necessarily meant to be taken piece by piece and made into a room but as a place to start. A flexible design to add your personal style to. I hope along the way I will show you new pieces, new ideas and new sources for your home decor!

So tell me what you think. Would you like to see more mood boards? Do you have specific styles or rooms you would like to see?


Kelli-Rie said...

Love that idea! I would totally use one for inspiration. I could have used this a year ago for my daughters room! I'm one of those that has the best of intentions with decorating but somewhere I lose site of the overall picture.
Great idea!
I love that you use a lot of economically priced items as well.

M said...

Very cute! I'm looking forward to some MBMs for older kids!

Studio 76 said...

I think MOod Board Monday is a tricky idea...I enjoyed today's selections...the sphere decals will look really fun in a space...and that was a great light from Ikea...I wish I lived closer to one ; )

The DIY Show Off said...

I love mood boards. :) I always enjoy seeing what others put together. No need for a nursery but if I did - this would be awesome. ;)

Have a VERY Merry Christmas Shelley! Off to catch up.


ashlina said...

wow! this nursery is adorable!
i love it
keeping it in mind for my future babies...
:) great job! great blog!

xo ashlina

modern furniture said...

you rock shelly! Ok, about that rocking chair. I've had people call me up asking if they can use it in a baby nursery and I'm saying no. I have 2 little kids and I would prefer something more plush because I know I'm going to have to sit there for a while. On a porch? Yes. In a living room? Yes. Thanks again for posting this. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. We do get in around 20 new items per month so we have a ton of content (that we don't know how to distribute correctly yet).