Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chair Makeovers

A while back I posted a couple of photos of my garage sale chairs. I was reupohlstering and painting. I picked up 2 chairs and have only made progress on one. I've been looking for some inspiration for the other and came across some fun ideas. I love the easy kind of upohlstering that does not requre sewing - I'm more of a staple and hot glue gun kind of girl. But I could resist adding the last chair to this post. I LOVE it! You couldn't pay me enough to ever sew piping again but it's a fabulous touch on this chair and it wouldn't be complete with out it. The fabric is really fun too. A great modern twist on a traditional chair.


Studio 76 said...

Those were fun...I especially liked the top too...I love the cream luggage next to the chair and the green mirror frame on the black desk...good finds!

Sydney said...

These are all gorgeous, I really love the last photo

The DIY Show Off said...

I love chair makeovers. Okay...any makeover, but especially chairs because of all of the options with fabric and paint. I'd have an entire house full of chairs if Russ would let me. lol

:) Love the pictures!