Monday, November 9, 2009

Still excited about my Friday night :)

I was so excited all last week to get to Friday night! Not because the work week was over - that's never really over but because the FABULOUS Jen Swift was in Cincinnati!! How did I get so lucky?!? Really, we had the BEST time!

She happened to be in town shooting all the photos for her book with her publisher North Light Books. Mark my word this book is going to be AMAZING! I've seen sneak peeks of the projects, the outline and layout of the book and am blown away! Truly amazed at Jen's level of focus and creativity, drive and grace she has shown through this process. It must be grueling at times but she makes it look easy. The amount of work going into a book like this is immense. She has created 25 projects right from her mind (and hands) and is now moving onto writing the copy for the book. It's titled "Creative Bloom" and is set for release in Oct 2010. You won't want to miss it!

As much as I have loved EVERY project she has created I am so looking forward to reading the book. I love the way Jen writes and she naturally exudes encouragement unlike anyone I've ever known. She's so genuine and sweet. I left our Friday night dinner feeling like I had new goals for myself. To operate as a friend and person on that level. Leave myself out of things a little more than I do. Engage with people in a more genuine way and keep growing in my art. She really taught me something that night just by being around her. I'd like to be that kind of person. I'd also like it if she lived closer and we could do that a LOT more :)

The photo is of a quick little scrapbook I threw together for Jen and I to mark the occasion. Dinner at Ferrari's, Nov 6, 2009. Yummy chicken marsala. A cozy fireplace and great company! Soon, Jen will have a pic of us - it's on her camera, which has not yet made it home along with the rest of her luggage. But soon.

Enjoy your day everyone!

PS - On another note you can click on the DIY Showoff button on the right sidebar and enter to win a $35 Single Stone Gift Certificate as well as many other prizes she is giving away. While you are there check our Roeshel's blog. It's FULL of awesome DIY projects. You can see our decals used in her office and mudroom make-overs.

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Jen said...

You're awesome, and fabulous, and I'm so very very glad we got to get together!!!! Thanks again for being my friend- I feel really lucky right now because you are!!!