Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a genius. Yes, yes I am.

Maybe I'm just feeling like a genius. I figured out how to add a 3rd column to my blog! A little HTML never stopped this girl ;) It might've taken me HOURS but it didn't stop me. haha I also changed the header. I know, AGAIN! LOL But this time it matches the new website design (you likey?) and will be the look we stick with!! I am my own worst customer - talk about indecisive! I find it much harder to design for myself than for someone else. I think that's because most people have a specific style they really like. I can translate that pretty easily. But then there is me and I love so many things/styles/designs. Such a mix-matched kind of girl that hitting on just the right combination takes some trial and error.

All in all I'm excited about the new look for both the blog and the website. It finally says "Single Stone". Feels good :)


amybyrd said...

love it!! I used to know HTML now I just get fry=ustrated but I did figure out how to do a post siggy and divider for my school blog a couple weeks ago and it felt great!! Love the header!

Jen said...

You're amazing. Teach me-Please!!! Or I guess I could just beg my software engineer husband. LOL!