Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello, my peeps!

So I've been crazy busy. I keep saying that and I think I am at the time until I find even more to do then I'm even crazier busy or is it crazy busier. Maybe I'm just crazy :) Either way, I thought I'd fill you in on a little of what I'm doing.

First off - I sent a new website design to the programmer this morning!!! Mr. Techy (his real name is Daniel - I think Mr. Techy makes him sound smart, as he is) will be totally reworking our website over the new few weeks. Look forward to revealing that to all of you.

Secondly - you can see a button for the Great Big Home and Garden Expo on the right side bar. We will be making an appearance there in February! We have a booth display and have been asked by the shows producer to do some special projects within the trade show - details to come later. Very fun stuff for us! If you are in the Cleveland area stop by booth 937 anytime from the 5th to the 14th. If you have plans to go let me know and I can get discounts on tickets for you. This is one of the largest home shows in the nation and there will be an appearance made by the one and only Ty Pennington for the opening ceremonies. You know, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition guy. That adds just a touch of excitement to the festivities ;)

So that's a little of what's going on here in the studio "behind the scenes". Busy busy and now it's November - Christmas shopping has officially begun! Personally, I'm counting down till the big Thanksgiving Dinner. My mom makes the BEST stuffing (lots of fresh sage, c'mon!) and my sweet mother-in-law found a pumpkin pie recipe that is lactose free, just for me :) Don't think I can't eat the whole thing! haha

Have a good day ladies and gents. I'm out-

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Robbin said...

aww i wished i lived in cleveland, but i'm way up in canada! anyway, sounds exciting - and YAY for christmas shopping season!!!