Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deep Breath

Been a rough couple of days. Trying to keep up with all my projects and not exactly feeling successful. Today I have a new perspective and feel better about taking on all the challenges I've recently accepted. You know the kind where you get really excited about the opportunity. Promptly accept it and then proceed to panic. Well, I've been in panic mode.

My solution was to make a little happy art. Happy art pretty much means anything with wings :) So I made this sweet little gal this morning. She doesn't have all the answers I'm looking for but that's ok. I'll find what I need. So many answers come when you just put your hands to it and get started. A new map is not drawn before the journey, it's drawn during. With each new morning. With each new discovery...


The 3 Little Piggies Boutique said...

Ohh, wow, I love it!!! It totally captures the essence of us 'crafty' people! What a great thing to put in a craft/sewing room! I gotta have one of those! =)
I hear ya on the 'trying to keep up with all my projects.....' part. Story of my life. God is just testing you a little....He's good at that. =)

The DIY Show Off said...

I thinks she's beautiful and definitely something I'd love to look at above my sewing machine or craft table or even in my office. Love it. :)

I'm having the same type of week so I certainly understand as I glance around at at least 3 projects sitting untouched. Hang in there. It means you're blessed! ;)