Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Burlap Beauty

Now before you look down your nose at burlap as a decorating element take a look at these beautiful ideas! You can use old potato and feed sacks with the cool writing already on them, you can stencil your own, use it for pillows, and shoes and bags and gifts.

The trend was first introduced to me by Stephanie Troyer. She's the interior decorator on our Fab 5 Design Team. So talented and spots the new trends so early she may as well have started them herself! Once she showed me a photo, many weeks ago, and mentioned the burlap, I've been seeing it everywhere.

Check out these unexpectedly elegant burlap items. Most can be found on Etsy.
A few fab burlap sources:

burlap bedding @

See the little JOY candlestick style elements on the bottom right? I love these! The letters are stenciled on burlap which are tacked on with little brads. You can find the tutorial HERE to make your own. I hope I can find time to make these for the Christmas season.

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Jen said...

You're so trendy! I love these posts, it's so fun to see all the wonderful stuff out there and when you pull it all together I can really see how the color combo or material can be used in such diverse ways!!!