Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MC Escher

MC Escher is one of my favorite artists. While other teens had heart throbs on their posters (New Kids on the Block anyone? ok, I did have a couple ;) my room had posters of pencil sketches. I usually bought them at The Museum Store in the mall in northern Cincy. I also had a few pages torn from magazines of ads I found visually appealing. I remember a 2 page layout of a zebra with a bright colorful bird on it's back on a white background that I taped to my closet door. I don't remember the company or product but I can remember the contrast of the black and white stripes with the bold, bright colors of the bird. I still enjoy such contrast in color.

As I was going through my creative file today looking for inspiration this is what I found. MC Escher and his play on concave/convex shapes. He has a lot of pieces like this. I like this one. I also like his self portraits. They may be my favorites of his work. But today, this piece is drawing me in. Am I coming or going? Up or down? In or out? This piece and Deuteronomy 28 have been going through my mind today. I find it an interesting mix.

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PaperPetalCreations said...

Escher is my favorite as well.