Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journal me this...

Last night, after a very non-productive work day, running a lot personal errands, cooking 12 pounds of spaghetti, then cooking dinner, working out and generally feeling frustrated with my day - I got the urge. The creative urge. It had been a while since it surfaced in this way and it felt so good!

I went down to the studio about 8 pm knowing it held something for me. What it holds I never know. I just know that when the spirit leads, I follow.

Paper was my medium of choice. I love paper. And I felt like using things I love last night. I pulled together a bunch of my faves and ended up making a journal for myself.

The covers are the chipboard backs of 12x12 tablets that printed scrapbooking papers come in. You can even see the hole used to hang them up in the store. I liked that detail and did not want to cut it off. I could have covered the chipboard, or painted it but I love the look of raw chipboard so I just embellished. The text reads: This girl is - creative, blessed, hopeful, strong, pieced togehter, prized, eccentric. Who I am ...writing my story... (all true - some I am more comfortable with than others)

Not having a plan when I started working I decided to cut the papers in various sizes and stacked them while cutting. I loved the looks of all of them together. The striped paper on the last page was the starting point. Everything else was pulled from that. I loved that piece so much I couldn't cut it. There were a couple others like that too. So I just used the whole sheet. Many of these papers came from my scraps, others were the first cut from a fresh sheet.

I started building sections of the book - by now I knew I was making a book. Layering smaller pieces with bigger pieces and securing the smaller sections together. Then came the cover. I really didn't know what the book would be used for. I was just playing with color and pattern in the form of paper. Then I pulled out my rub-ons. I love these things! Pick them up whenever I find them on clearance. Sometimes I pay full price. I've had the "who I am" rub on for a long time. I bought that sheet for a few other words I used in a previous project and it's sat in my stash for months. When I pulled it out this time it just felt right. Pulling from that idea I created the rest of the cover.

While I was building the inside sections of the book I was compelled to add a few embellishments. I added the little piece of journal paper on the first page that says "what I love". (see the 2nd photo in this post) It's always interesting when things like that happen. I just added the little piece of paper because I loved the way it looked the text really had no bearing - I'm not even sure I read the words. I just liked the paper clipped to the folded up corner of the other paper. The cover came later.

I had also circled the number 22 (Dec 22 is my bday) on a page I added that has dates and months etc. Later in the book I added an L with charms that say mom and wife as well as a few other random things. So this journal will be about what I love which will represent who I am. I think it'll be fun to doodle and write in. I'm sure more pages will get added, lots more embellishments (you can never have too many) and maybe some photos.

Finally, emerging from my studio at midnight I felt that I had accomplished something for the day.

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Jen said...

Crazy! Haven't been online lately so I just found this blogpost today. Which is LOL funny to me cause I was busy working on a little book too! I love how different they are as well! Way to go girl!