Friday, October 2, 2009


Check out this table I found on a blog. I can't even remember which one. I blog hop a lot for inspiration - maybe I should keep better notes.

Anyway, I LOVE this table!! I love the stripes, the dots, the flowers, the fish, the way the papers overlap and have a translucent quality. To some this might look like a mess with no thought process. Oh contrar, my friends, this artist knew her medium. The way you can see one pattern through another pattern, the scale, the color. The translation of the vision to the actual is stunning.

This inspires me.

On another note - I ran across this video - I'm not Mormon nor am I educated in the faith but this man so eloquently captures the spirit of creativity that I had to share.

PS - had to disable the video it was doing weird things to the blog.

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Stuido Six Eleven said...

I think I just found my inspiration reboot! Thanks so much for sharing this video. It refreshes me!