Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm working like a mad woman so the blog is a tad neglected. As are all my extra projects. I did, however, find a small mirror and plate (left side of photo) this weekend to add to my collection. The plan is to hang the items as a collage on the wall. The top right corner has a blank piece - I am working on a design I'll cut to a decal. Its not a canvas. Its actually a wood piece that had a "painting" on it. I bought it on sale cheaper than an artist canvas which can be a little difficult to apply a decal too anyway. But this is all wood, a nice flat, hard surface - perfect for decal application. I covered it with kraft wrapping paper with spray adhesive. The decal will adhere to it perfectly.

I'm hoping to add a few more pieces to the mix to get started and eventually the collection will go up the wall over the cabinets and fill in the entire space. Kind of psyched about the idea and can't wait to find special pieces to add to it here and there.

Oh, and the dog, not the normal one you see in my photos. About 3 weeks ago we found this guy wandering around the neighborhood, Billy and the kids all being SUCKERS, this guy has a new home with us :) He's sweet, house trained and we found out his owner recently died at the nearby retirement home. We're breaking him from sleeping in the bed with us - gross - and he doesn't get treats every time he walks in the door as he seems to expect but he's adjusting quite nicely and gets along with Spot. We've been calling him Buster. The kids picked it. I was lobbying for Walter because I think he looks like an old man and Walter seems like an old man name. I hope I am not offending any young, hip Walter's out there :) Apparently, he's also a ham as I could not get him to move out of the frame on the photo. It was late, I didn't try all that hard.

Have a great night everyone. I'm going back to watching Freaky Friday (the Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis version) with the kids.

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