Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green and Grey Array

I don't think a specific color ever really goes "out" but there are certainly colors and color combinations that are are very "in". Right now grey is one of those colors. I've seen it paired with many other colors. It's a neutral so it'll work with anything.

Grey with ochre is really in right now. I love it. Keep looking for just the right grey and ochre outfit. Haven't found it yet. Also, in pursuit of the perfect grey shoes. Flats with a rounded toe would be great ;)

I've seen this grey hanging out with purple tones too. She's not really discerning with whom she makes friends. Like I said before, she's neutral and goes with anything.

Today, I've paired it with green. A brighter shade since the grey can feel drab. Especially with the winter months creeping up on us. Here in Cincy, we have plenty of grey days ahead. So to brighten up those grey days I think a bright, grassy green is fun! I also, really like the grey with our new delicate moss vinyl color as shown in the top right image of our Cherry Blossom branch.

One of our most popular items is our Birch Trees in Winter. They bring a graceful, organic feel to any room and though we've sold them in many colors they most often sell in a neutral. A soft backdrop to which any color can be used as an accent. I think grey is just the right choice.

Some more playful decal choices shown are our Modern Mums, Birdies with Berries, and our single Birdcage. On the bottom portion of the storyboard image are some great options for paint, pillows, art and more. Most of which, can be found on etsy!

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Studio 76 said...

I love the bird cage in green with the bird in black...what a fun new twist on a classic! Also...those birch trees have been calling my name for quite a long time...I keep wanting to do something tricky with some height in the new foyer...could some gray birch trees be in my near future?? I guess time will tell ; )