Friday, September 18, 2009

Still here...

I'm still here just trying to catch up from traveling the last couple of days. The trip was very productive and consequently gives me much to do! In one of the meetings I attended I was given a Starbuck's gift card, of all things. I just mentioned the other day that I had never been to Starbuck's, well I have now. On the long drive home Billy and I shared a vanilla soy cappuccino :) He's a very good traveling partner. The trip was very enjoyable and it just so happened we had family about 30 mins away from our meetings so it was great to catch up and have dinner with all of them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I'm using mine to catch up on some proofs and other S3 projects. See you Monday!

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colortheskygray said...

you'd NEVER been to starbucks before then? you're crazy!