Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Made a bit of progress on the kitchen today. I went to Ikea for some inspiration and left with a few Ribba frames in stainless and a tall palm plant (thanks to the suggestion from Studio 76 in my comments). Then I went to Pier 1 - found a little clock and ceramic bird. Then to Target and picked up a rug (Studio 76 again) and found these cute King and Queen pieces. The king is free to do dinner and dishes anytime ;)

So anyway, I came home feeling inspired and with this great idea for the wall. At least I thought it was a great idea. Billy is still hung up on this darn clock! He really likes it. I think I can convince him to let me take it down :) The new look will be better.

I have all the pieces sitting around the living room so I can see them and let the ideas marinate. I did put the rug down and I already had a pot for the plant. Hopefully, I won't kill it! That's the update for now...

PS - I've been asked for the instructions on how I stained the cabinets. I will tell you how I did that soon. It wasn't particularly difficult but quite time consuming. Totally worth the effort!!

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Studio 76 said...

OOoo...can't wait to see the results...that Studio 76 sure does have some grand ideas if I do say so myself ; )

What does your rug look like? As far as the clock goes...tell Billy there is hope for just needs to find a new home that is a bit smaller in size so that it can hold its own and really shine...otherwise Mr. Clock is on a giant wall all by himself yelling to everyone who goes by...a little help over here...I can't hold down this whole space by myself...come on people...I'm not getting any younger...time is ticking away if you know what I mean...get it...I'm a clock...tick tock...baaahhaaahaa haaaa