Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's only been 13 months since we moved in this house and I just got around to unpacking and organizing the last of the boxes! It feels SOOOO good! We have a storage room in the basement that basically became a dumping ground. I have after photos but the before photos would have been too shameful so I didn't even take one. haha! Seriously I started at the door and started pulling out boxes one by one slowly making my way to the back. When we moved the sale of the house happened in 2 weeks and that was all the time we had to get from the house we had lived in for 10 yrs and into this one. So everything got packed and moved without getting to purge and trust me, after 10 yrs in the same house - YOU NEED TO PURGE! And that's exactly what I did this weekend by about 50%!

This room houses the mechanics of the house right in the center so I worked around the edges and made good use of the space. I love having the bulk of the toys in here instead of the kids' rooms. I've never had that option before - so nice!

We sorted toys for HOURS! I think Lego's grow feet to hide in corners and breed like bunnies. We have SO many of them and found them everywhere. Cole actually plays with them all the time. So at least they aren't a waste. He has every building kit known to man - plays with them all. Loves to build. It's not uncommon for him to show up at a restaurant with a pocket full of Lego's to play with while we wait.

But look at the results - mind you this is the basement storage room. It's not really decorative -no place for decals :(but it is (now) organized and very useful.

And if you're in our family you probably have a hobby. I have a whole room for my hobby (turned business) called the studio. We have the plans for Billy's room (a music studio) but for now the "extras" are stored here. There is another set of drums in the bonus room downstairs. I didn't purge anything in this area. I'm clueless so he can do that when he moves into his room.

And finally, Christmas. Yes, ALL that stuff we use ONCE a year! I did happen to purge some of this last year as a few boxes had been damaged while being stored in the garage of the old place. So I'm looking forward to adding some new things to the collection this year. A new tree skirt, for sure.
It was a successful weekend!

PS - MY studio - still looks like a bomb went off. Note to self:MUST clean studio next!

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kdw4jc said...

Wow ... congratulations on a successful move. Now I understand you last etsy message to me towards the end of your vacation ... we have much in common! We are still settling in from our move. Unpacking & the sifting & placement involved can be tiring; but, the revelation & release of things (tangible & intangible) that have no place are amazing!
Joy & Blessings to you & yours!