Sunday, September 20, 2009

On my way to the grocery...

I stopped by Kirkland's. I rarely go to Kirkland's as I find them very predictable and so traditional that it gets boring. However, today I was feeling a bit more open minded and inspired so I stopped to browse through and came out with some nice accessories for my Coffee-House style kitchen. I also took a few pics of the kitchen.

Below you can see a before photo of the cabinets. My brother and I stained them mahogany. That yellow oak just didn't work for me.

I'll be mixing in some more modern pieces to achieve that eclectic coffee-house feel. I'm loving the texture on the jars. Picked up 3 of those lanterns and want to hang them from the ceiling. The wood tray came from Target and will more than likely get a decoupage makeover.

The tall "vase" on the floor next to the scrolly thing was meant to go on the upper cabinets where the ceiling gets tall, but once I get it home the color is too close to the sienna color of the wall so I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not.

There's a large sienna wall that troubles me. It's big, it's sienna and I am struggling with it. GRRR! The clock is just ok. Billy really likes it. I think it's a cool idea but not well executed. So I need to work with it and make it live up to its potential.

The table - it might get a make-over. I would love to paint it and do something fun to mix it up. There's a lot of dark wood with the cabinets an I love painted wood. So I'd love to change up the set and add some interest there.
In the accessories photo there is an iron scroll style piece that I think I'll put on the wall that is high and you walk under it to get to the door you see int he photo below. Not sure what to call it. It goes all the way through the living room to the right. I don't really know what to do with that space in either room. The placement for the scroll is a bit expected up to put it there so I'm going to try to find a better place for it. But that's my initial thought.

To the right of the white door (laundry room door) there is a small wall that will get a chalk board. That'll be a fun project! I'll be sure to share how to share the tutorial here on the blog.

The last photo is a view of the whole kitchen. You can see the lights we put in. I love the glass shades on the lights over the sink and table.


Studio 76 said...

My thoughts...get a fun colored big area rug to go under the dining room table to anchor the space...then bring in some greenery...maybe some big old urns with faux ferns in them...or something that will fill in some of the corner spaces...then punch up the table with a fun tall center piece...and on that sienna wall with the clock...stick with the clock...but perhaps use it some where seems to be a too small to hold its on that whole wall...maybe if you move it to the side and incorporate it into a shelving display...etc. You have such good tall could stripe out the dining room wall and continue it all the way on top of your cabinets with one of the new stripe would lead you eye upward...OK...i've written too much in this little how the cabinets turned out!!

Studio 76 said...

p.s. you could also go for another furniture piece in that dining space...get a long dresser and refinish it, or a console table...etc...put it against that back wall where the dog food stuff is...paint it cream to break up the color...and then get a tricky big mirror to hang above it and then on the table/dresser...find a tricky lamp and some fun picture frames to spruce it up will continue to add balance to the room and take up the space would all still look really good with some of your stripes behind it...for the area rug you could go for something with a pattern or you could just get more of a sisal looking one. Then it wouldn't compete with the stripes...which ever way you go, i'd say to go for some more pattern and texture in all of your spare time ; )

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us how you did the cabinets? I have the light oak ones too and have been afraid to try staining them, worried I would ruin them when I sanded them down or stained them.