Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decoupaged Pumpkin - Spookified!

Here's the spooky version of the decoupaged pumpkin. I keep going back and forth on it but decided to keep it simple. The harvest version was really full and only about the pumpkin so for Halloween I kept the pumpkin simple and arranged it with a couple of other items.

The spider was a rusty metal item at Michaels. I sprayed it gloss black, same as the branches. I like the gloss finish combined with the matte book pages. The fab wire bird nest is a "scrap" piece Jen sent me. She sends me lots of "scraps" that are AWESOME! I clipped a black bird on the nest. The branches are stuck in floral foam in the pumpkin. Covered with a piece of burlap. I frayed the edges of the burlap and used the leftover stringy pieces in the wire nest.

The skull - I like the skull. It's a paper mache form I picked up at Michaels. (where else?) and decoupaged it with patterned tissue paper. I love the idea of a creepy skull with a baroque pattern - it just works for me. The skull was a kraft color as was the tissue paper. The black baroque pattern was printed on the kraft colored tissue. I want more of this tissue!! Only 2 pieces per package. It will be used wisely.

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Jen said...

The baroque on the skull seriously makes me want to swoon- in spooky pleasure! Lovely!