Monday, September 14, 2009

Cubbie Storage

When I was shopping for storage options for my studio I specifically looked for a few pieces that would be open. Not closed cabinetry. I love seeing my supplies and am inspired by them. I think a lot of people find beauty in the tools and supplies they use to create. Whether it's paints and paper, pots and pans, pots and soil - seeing these things inspires you and to create over and over. The visual keeps it fresh in your mind. You see them over and over. Then one day you see the same site you've walked past so many times before and suddenly have a fresh inspiration that urges you to act. You create a new dish for dinner, put together flowers in a new way, create a new piece of art.

So today, we're giving props to the utilitarian cubbie. So many varieties to choose from - here are just a few fab ideas.

I must admit this one comes first because it's my favorite. I am not a great gardener, by any means but I do love flowers and vegetables and browsing through garden centers to see all the pots and water features and the beautiful ways landscapers put them together. It's a whole big mixed media project that I find very exciting. I also love the whole idea of growth and blooming!

Closet organization isn't the most inspiring, I suppose, but a necessary part of life. Just don't look in my closet! Perhaps if I had shoe cubbies it would be a bit more organized ;) Or maybe if I had a fab shoe collection (instead of flip flops) I would feel the need to get some shoe cubbies - it's a whole chicken and the egg issue.

This next photo is from the home of Jen Swift. I love the weathered red, so bold. This cubbie brings marital harmony as well as being a mail sorting station. Jen's hubby had a way of sorting the mail on the steps as you walk in the house so this is her fab way of helping him have a place for all that mail, she likes the way it looks (don't you?!) and no one breaks their neck slipping on an envelope. It's a win!

And these are just photos I really liked as well. Starting in the top left corner and working clockwise we have a wall of cubbies in a home office, a mudroom, some sewing supplies - rather glam too. Wonder what this person was making? And finally, some old cubbies that have been salvaged from somewhere and given a new home. Gotta love that!


Jen said...

Love 'em all. Although I can't help noticing in mine that my husband was still using the floor above the cubby as his bills to pay section. Oh, well. Any progress is good right?

Single Stone Studios said...

baby steps, Jen! haha