Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffee House Comfort

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite coffee house home? Not just the great cup of coffee you get there but the eclectic furnishing, the great art collection, moody lighting, the bold yet warm paint colors and jazz music in the background. The whole vibe you get from sitting there with friends. We should be able to have that at home too. Maybe the coffee house style isn't your but it certainly is mine. I have never really achieved it at home so this post is a challenge to myself.

Over the weekend I was looking at my kitchen - which now has dark mahogany cabinets instead of light oak (thanks to my brother's and a little of my hard work) and it's been painted. It has an accent wall of a sienna color. Everyone seems to love it but me. But I think I'm not crazy about it because it's a big, blank wall. So, like I said, over the weekend I was looking at my kitchen thinking it REALLY needs to be decorated. Staining the cabinets and painting the walls is not decorating. It's a start but unfinished. There are a couple more things on the list for the kitchen - stainless appliances and tiling the floor. I would love to have those things now, now is always good, however, it's not happening right now but I can still finish the decorating and when the appliances and new flooring come they'll complete the room.

I have a piece of furniture in my garage that is straight out of the 70's. It's rather ugly in its current condition but I LOVE the lines of it. I'm going to paint it and put it in the dining room or kitchen (can't decide). It has cabinets on the bottom and shelves on the top. I think it could add to the eclectic coffee house vibe I'd like to achieve. I'll add a back to the shelves, distress it till it has character and change out the hardware. I'm thinking a green color. That would be a nice shot of color with the golden tan paint, sienna accent wall and mahogany cabinets.

PS - I should state, I am not even a coffee drinker. I enjoy the occasional vanilla cappuccino or cinnamon latte but to this day I am still a Starbucks virgin. Unless you count the free samples the one in Target pushes at the checkout line. I'm really into this whole coffee thing for the great decorating ideas only ;)

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Jackie said...

can't wait to see this project progress - i also dig the coffeehouse feel and am a tea drinker!