Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boo to you!

So Jen just posted a fun project, kid friendly too, on her blog. She's so great she even add a tutorial with pics!! This is the finished project - so cute and with her instructions - so easy! Pop over and check it out. If you decide to make it send us pics! We love pics :) I'll make sure they get to Jen. Oh and did I mention the whole project was less than $5?! So cute, so easy, a project you can do with your kids AND fits the budget. I think she hit a homerun!

I've been working on the spooky version of the decoupaged pumpkin today. I'll have those pics to share tomorrow or the next next. Maybe I'll hurry the paint drying process with my heat gun. I'm not exactly a patient crafter. A little immediate gratification can go a long way in feeling like you've gotten something accomplished ;)
I also made a bit of progress on the kitchen. The big clock is down, holes patched and painted. I have gotten a few more accessories and will show you the results soon. Still adding some handmade touches to the mass-produced store bought stuff but the results will add a big impact to the house. Stay tuned...

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Jen said...

Thanks for the link! I love hearing about what you're doing too!